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How To Clean Your Chainsaw?

After using your new chainsaw several times, it gets greasy and dirty. And then if you keep on using it without any cleaning, the performance of the electric chainsaw gets diminished. Generally, Dirt, Sawdust, Sap or resin from the tree gets struct in the chain. For better performance of the saw, you need to keep it clean and serviced. Proper cleaning, care, and servicing increase the life of your chainsaw. So here's how to do it:
How To Clean Your Chainsaw?

Warning: Before proceeding to do the following thing, first, you need to disconnect the saw from any source of power so that no unfortunate accidents occur.
Cleaning the chain: First, remove the chain from the saw. Then soak it in water plus cleaning agent for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, take out the chain and softly scrub the entire chain with a brush. Continue scrubbing until you can see it shining. Then rinse it thoroughly and make sure no water is left in the gaps. It should be completely dry so that you can protect it f…